A website is your business card but also one of the first places where people

interested in a particular service go. It is important that it expresses the brand’s character in the best possible way, that it is clear and intuitive to use and, most importantly, that it is constantly updated.

That is why we will give you access to a CMS so that you can easily adapt the content to changes in your business. We will probably encourage you to write a blog too 😉

How do we work on website design? Comprehensively::

  • We will start by discussing your business objectives and the functions you want your website to perform, as well as your customer paths and how the customers navigate the web
  • Based on this knowledge, we will prepare and discuss the architecture of the website as well as visual mood boards depicting the proposed colour scheme, the language of messages and the impressions we want to evoke in users
  • Forget about templates – we will design your individual layout that will work well in both desktop and mobile versions
  • We will code the final version but we will also take care of its content: photos, graphics and texts written specifically for SEO
  • You can be sure that, before we hand over the website to you, we will thoroughly test it and connect such tools as Google Analytics, Search Console or Facebook Pixel!

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