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Creative agency

Starting a business? Looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities? Ready for your brand to earn more money?   We will unlock the potential of your work and turn it into profit. Facing a communication challenge? We are in with you!

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Brand strategy

An electrifying creation is not an option without a well-thought-out strategy. We join your team, analyse the situation thoroughly and find personalised solutions for your brand. We set clear goals and implement them.

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Your brand starts developing or, perhaps, it already has a stable position on the market but its image needs refreshing? A memorable name, logo and consistent visual identity are essential! Together, we will analyse the goals you want to achieve and we will develop an action plan that could be a step towards new challenges!

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How do we work?

  1. We talk and define a challenge for your brand.
  2. We do research, interview representatives of target groups and assess the competition. We analyse the results and draw conclusions.
  3. We are a creative agency but our actions are the result of a detailed strategy. Only after a thorough analysis of the problem, we let our imagination run wild and propose solutions.
  4. We implement the strategy. We handle marketing activities such as social media, performance marketing and video production. And here, our common path could end but … we keep on searching. We focus on the effects, analyse KPIs and recommend improvements for your business and new goals so that your company can constantly develop. So, we are back to point 1 🙂
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how do we help to make changes?

brands we help with change:

how do we help implement change?

  1. Communication strategy

    A good idea without well-thought-out implementation is worth nothing. To gain the trust and loyalty of customers, we need to analyse the market thoroughly, create a customer journey map and establish brand differentiators against the competition. Our creative activities are ALWAYS based on a sound strategy.

  2. branding new brand

    We create brands that people love. We will support you in matching the name and visual identity to your product or new brand. We will also find a way for you to build a strong position in the market.

  3. Google Ads campaigns

    We follow your recipients as they search for keywords in Google and browse the web via search ads and display campaigns. If they are not familiar with your brand yet, thanks to Google Ads, they soon won’t be able to imagine their life without it.

  4. Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Ads

    We conduct image and performance campaigns in social media. Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Ads have no secrets from us. Through Facebook and Instagram ads, we build recognition, increase engagement and maximise sales.

  5. creative concepts

    Creative activities always stem from strategy. Our minds are open. We create and implement ideas for TV ads, outdoor ads and ads on social media.

  6. graphic designs

    The statement that customers buy with their eyes is a cliché but it is true.

    We create graphics, animations and visual concepts that none of your recipients will pass by indifferently!

  7. influencer marketing

    What matters to us is not the number of followers but the impact that opinion leaders have on their followers. Thanks to the work of properly selected influencers and microinfluencers, we will strengthen your brand.

  8. photo and video production

    Photo shoot, Animation or maybe a promotional video? If you want to make a specific impression on your recipients or convey key information, we will find a way to make it memorable!

  9. social media

    Not everyone needs to have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and TikTok. That is why we support you on channels where a specific target group is awaiting your communication.

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