Our values


We fight for solutions that make good business sense. If your brand takes measures that are not conducive to strategy execution, you can be sure that we will tell you.

We are not afraid of abandoning common patterns and making mistakes because this allows us to constantly develop.


We follow trends and introduce innovative tools. We constantly test them and we learn from every mistake so as not to make it twice. Thanks to that, we constantly develop our team, our skills and, consequently, the service and support we offer our customers! We love sharing knowledge. Old solutions bore us, so you can be sure that we will inspire you to take new action.


We are curious about the people and industries we work with. We are constantly on the lookout for new knowledge, we read reports, research other markets and, most importantly, go beyond the classic agency framework in an effort to best understand the business reality. So be prepared for us to ask you lots of questions and join your team to create tailor-made solutions together!


We take responsibility for our team and projects: we share knowledge, as well as carefully plan and supervise our activities. We always look for the best solutions and inform you of any potential risks in advance. We support initiatives that take responsibility for our planet and future generations.

What do we do and for whom?

When it comes to brands that want to change and grow, we help them create effective communication, reach the right customers and generate sales growth. Drawing on our experience, proven working methods and tools as well as innovative ideas.

Core team

Arieta Prusak


Founder and owner of the agency. Focused on creating sustainable and coherent communication strategies. Obsessively searching for new trends in digital marketing and ways to implement innovations and effective communication in the teams she leads. She scrupulously adjusts tools and action plans to target groups and goals that brands she works with have.

She helped to update or create strategies and action plans for brands such as: Aquanet, Ania Kruk, Body Chief, Coccodrillo, Collegium da Vinci, Moodo, Poznań City, Lublin, Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa, Segafredo.

Privately and professionally incorrect optimist who permanently threw out of her dictionary the phrase it will not work

Marta Wolsztyniak-Chudzińska

Account executive

At MOX! E she deals with building new brands and creating strategies. She advises companies on how to combine marketing with other brand activities so that they create a harmonious communication and bring real profits. In her work, she is always guided by empathy – the most important thing for her is to understand the needs of customers .

It is her, who ensures the consistent implementation of the brand strategy by all of our team members and external collaborators: sets out directions, arranges plans, consults and helps to solve problems.

Brands for which she worked include: Aquanet, Allegro, Coccodrillo, Flowers & Miut, Otodom, 36 MINUTES.

In her spare time, she loves to bake and discover new flavors. She loves to surround herself with beautiful things and her dream is a house next to the forest overlooking the sea.

Dariusz Jeleniewski

Business consultant

Obligatory, meticulous and consistent. Thanks to these features, his work organization is at the highest level and there is no place for mess and chaos in it. Each document that passes through his hands is carefully checked and cataloged. Each advertising campaign in Google or Meta Ads carefully analyzed.

At MOX!E, he is responsible for the analysis of business results, implementation of the analytical tools for clients, incl. Google Tag Manager and coordinating the work of teams responsible for performance campaigns for our clients.

Brands for which he worked include Collegium da Vinci, Estrada Poznańska, Fromażeria, Heroes Diet, the City of Poznań, the Sopot Auction House.

Privately, father of Filip and Oskar, a book lover and a fan of sports, mainly football and basketball.

Agnieszka Gębska

Graphic designer

Author of graphics, drawings and paintings. Master of Arts.

Her artistic education allows her to move freely in the world of the image, and thanks to the experience with her own clothing brand, she perfectly understands the needs of customers in the fashion industry.

At MOX!E, she co-creates brand strategies, develops guidelines and moodboards for branding projects, consults graphic designs and is responsible for the art direction of photo and video production in our agency.

She cooperated, among others with: Coccodrillo, QUIOSQUE, Potis & Verso, Warsaw Concept Store.

Fascinated by the person and work of Le Corbusier. Addicted to sweets and coffee. In order to relax, she transforms colorful magazines into collages.

Gosia Koszmider

Graphic designer

An observer who carefully looks at the surrounding world, constantly looking for inspiration that can be used in her works. Openness to diversity allows her to find herself in almost every task. In carrying out her work, she always puts emphasis on understanding the subject and delivering an aesthetic and satisfactory design.

She specializes in digital projects with an emphasis on web design. Based on the strategies we create, she designs website architectures in line with UX principles and ensures that the website properly presents the brand image on each type of device.

Brands for which she designed include: Andersia Retail, Aquanet, Collegium da Vinci, MOX!E, Pasta Italia, Sopocki Dom Aucyjny.

In her free time, she creates music and develops skills in acrylic and oil painting.

Anna Gromada

Anna Gromada

Research & Digital Marketing

Always analysing processes, individual elements of communication and looking for possible improvements. While working and creating, Anna keeps in mind the main goal of the project and focuses on getting every detail right.

At MOX!E, she mainly deals with qualitative research and analysis, co-creates Social Ads and Google Ads campaigns, works on communication strategies and implements them, collaborating with content creators.

She has collaborated with, among others: 36 MINUT, DataPax, Kleenoil, Leancraft, TelForceOne, 360 Księgowość.

Always on the move. On foot, on a windsurfing board, boat, rollerblades or bicycle. But Anna rests best when she doesn’t have to rush anywhere. The key for her is to set her own pace for the hobbies she pursues.

Kalina Gumoś

Kalina Gumoś

Design & Digital Marketing

Reliable, responsible and accurate. Kalina loves brainstorming and the effects of group work, and good team relations are vital for her. She focuses on good design and visual communication, which she combines with her educational background in management. At MOX!E, Kalina is responsible for creating content in various forms for digital channels. She handles social media, copywriting and creates graphics and animation.

She has collaborated with, among others: Domneo, LafHome, AND2, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny.

Privately, she tries to follow a ‘slow life’ rhythm. She loves quiet weekends with her loved ones and pets. She is constantly trying to get the most of her day to pursue her all-round interests.

Anna Gromada
Kalina Gumoś


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