Social Ads campaigns for a sports franchise network

Rok współpracy: 2022

36 MINUT is more than 40 boutique sports clubs built as franchises. The chain uses an innovative concept: the whole workout session involving exercising all muscle groups takes exactly 36 minutes. With the help of comprehensive support from specialists (physiotherapists and nutritionists) and modern technology, the brand enables its customers to maintain their health, fitness and wellbeing, in addition to creating close-knit communities whose members support each other in achieving their sporting goals.


  • To reach potential new club members with the 36 MINUT concept and to increase brand awareness among existing customers.
  • To increase brand recognition.

Solution proposal

  • After creating the social media strategy, we proceeded to develop media plans and an online advertising strategy.
  • We prepared graphics and texts consistent with the brand concept, adapted to the characteristics of the individual personas.
  • We launched several types of campaigns in the Meta advertising network, differentiated by advertising objectives tailored to the different stages of the sales funnel.
  • We connected Facebook Pixel to analyse and optimise campaigns accordingly.


  • + 1,200% reach

    + 1,200% reach on Facebook year on year

    Thanks to well-optimised online campaigns – within 7 months – the reach of the Facebook fanpage increased by + 1,200%, which enabled us to reach new and existing club members on a large scale and boost the brand recognition of 36 MINUT.

  • + 270% likes

    + 270% increase in Facebook likes

    There was an increase in brand audience activity during the online campaign. The number of new Facebook likes increased by 270% year-on-year.

  • + 562% followers

    + 562% followers on Instagram

    The number of followers on the 36 MINUT profile on Instagram increased by +562% thanks to the implementation of regular activities and the clubs’ commitment to creating substantive content.

  • + 14,700% reach

    + 14,700% reach on Instagram

    Thanks to effective online campaigns and optimised actions, the reach of the profile on Instagram increased by a staggering + 14,700%!

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