Animax Bedding

Online campaigns for an eco-friendly litter brand

Rok współpracy: 2021

Animax Bedding litter has been developed in response to the needs of our fluffy family members (cats, rabbits, small rodents) and their environmentally conscious owners. For the sake of your pets’ health and for our planet, the brand produces wood pellets made from carefully selected conifer sawdust. As a result, the pellets are extremely absorbent and biodegradable, and they can be used as a natural fertiliser.


  • Increasing brand recognition and supporting the sales process through Google Ads and Social Ads campaigns.

Solution proposal

  • We took over the management of Google Ads campaigns (Search and Display) and Social Ads on Instagram and Facebook.
  • We created a media plan with recommended channels, tools, targets and advertising budgets to increase the conversion rate and sales results.
  • We designed creatives with new graphic designs and text content.
  • We were constantly watching over the campaign, testing the most effective solutions and optimising conducted activities.


  • 582% higher sales

    After 4 months of running the Social Ads and Google Ads campaigns, we led to an almost 6-fold increase in the number of products sold.

  • 2x higher CTR

    At the same time, we doubled the ad click-through rate for activities carried out via the Google Display Network.

  • 380 000 recipients

    Thanks to Google Ads campaigns, Animax Bedding’s advertisements were displayed to a group of over 380,000 recipients per month.

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