Animax Bedding

Social media to support sales of organic animal bedding

Rok współpracy: 2021

Animax Bedding animal litter has been developed in response to the needs of our fluffy family members (cats, rabbits, small rodents) and their environmentally conscious owners. For the sake of your pets’ health and for our planet, the brand produces wood pellets made from carefully selected conifer sawdust. As a result, the pellets are extremely absorbent and biodegradable, and they can be used as a natural fertiliser.


  • Increasing the brand recognition and awareness as an expert in natural, organic animal bedding.
  • Supporting the sales process through social media activities

Solution proposal

  • We ran the Animax Bedding brand’s social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook.
  • We first took care of plugging them into analytical tools: Google Analytics, Pixel FB and Google Tag Manager.
  • In published materials we focused on communicating differentiators, practical advice and building relationships with pet lovers.
  • We also handled the proper promotion of the posts thanks to appropriately calibrated Social Ads campaigns.
  • To this end, we came up with a media plan with recommended channels, tools, targets and advertising budgets to increase conversions and sales results, and tested the most effective solutions on an ongoing basis.


  • 4 times more views

    In the third month of the Social Ads campaign, we increased the number of views of published content, reaching a result close to 482,000 views.

  • CPC decreased by 45%

    At the same time, we managed to achieve almost two-fold decrease CPC of ads targeted at acquiring conversions, turning a profit of 28 Polish groszes per click.

  • Community involvement

    Thanks to our activities, we managed to build a community around the profiles, which willingly exchanges opinions, experiences and photos of their pets. 😉

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