Concept and launching of an educational website

Rok współpracy: 2021

For years, Aquanet has been making sure that the residents of Poznań and nearby municipalities never run out of clean water in their taps. Among other things, the company specialises in the treatment, purification and quality testing of this valuable resource.

With the welfare of its customers in mind, the company has carried out many social and educational activities. The latest one is the creation, with the help of MOX!E team, of a website for a new brand project – Aquanet Retencja.


  • Raising Poznań inhabitants’ awareness regarding the topic of the retention of a valuable resource – water.
  • Encouraging the downloading of the document on guidelines and methods for the reasonable management of rainwater.

Solution proposal

  • Preparation of a website concept in line with the brand’s business objectives and designing mock-ups and architecture of the mobile and desktop versions of the website.
  • Creating graphic designs.
  • Preparing text content.
  • Coding and launching of the mobile and desktop versions of the website.

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