Jupi Art School

Website of the drawing school for children

Rok współpracy: 2021

Jupi Art School is a brand that teaches artistic skills in a fun and exciting way, adapted to the needs of the youngest ones. The school was established to prove that every child is an artist. Jupi Art School teaches art techniques through play, develops young people’s sense of aesthetics, sensitivity and imagination and, above all, encourages them to think creatively and go beyond the borders in search of unconventional solutions.


  • To create a website for a new brand that would match its strategy and branding.

Solution proposal

  • In accordance with the developed brand and communication strategy, we have prepared the design and layout of the website for desktop and mobile devices.
  • We have prepared the text and characteristic geometric illustrations, in line with the developed branding.
  • We have created a form that allows enrolling for the classes conducted at the school. 
  • The whole website is based on the intuitive-to-use CMS WordPress, so the brand team can update the information according to current needs.

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