Kulinarnie Fit

Elegant branding for the catering industry

Rok współpracy: 2022

The Kulinarnie Fit brand is a new diet and event catering concept that wants to target the premium customer sector in the Wielkopolska region. The brand is driven by the important social goal of supporting the professional development of people with disabilities and the well-being of its customers, for whom it creates top-quality meals.


  • Creating a premium branding that emphasises the brand’s key features: attention to detail and superior quality.

Solution proposal

  • The identification concept below draws on Baroque aesthetics. The use of warm gold and deep black, from which contrasting illuminated vegetables and fruit emerge, results in a luxurious, somewhat mysterious image.
  • At the same time, products photographed in this way catch the eye, giving a closer look and suggesting great attention to detail and the quality of food.


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