Okolice Ciała

Rebranding of Okolice Ciała development platform

Rok współpracy: 2023

Okolice Ciała, a development platform created by Marianna Gierszewska, is an innovative, real support for women fostering their personal development. Through various educational forms, such as on-site workshops, online courses and one-to-one consultations, women have an opportunity to learn new skills and discover their potential.


  • Sorting out the visual identity of the brand and proposing a new logo.
  • Creating a sub-brand to correspond with the existing brand and support growth with new product groups.

Solution proposal

  • On the basis of conducted branding workshops, we prepared 2 proposals for a new visual identity for the brand.
  • In the end, respecting the brand’s attachment to the tree symbol, we created a logo for Okolice Ciała in which the signet very directly refers to it, while being simple enough to be implemented in a variety of media (online, physical products or print).
  • We created a name for the new sub-brand that is consistent with the brand values.
different color versions of the logo
Picture with woman hands and white logo
Social media green graphics
Simple vector illustrations
Social media creations
Brand pattern and a hoodie

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