Workshops and training courses

We are here to provide you with sound knowledge and proven practices for creating brand strategies, building customer pathways, handling social media, working remotely and much, much more! See what we can do for you!

Social Media training

  • No one can run your brand’s social media better than you and your team… provided you have the right knowledge, tools and a clear objective! We are happy to pass on everything we know to help you create compelling and engaging content!
  • During the workshop, we can create or refresh your communication strategy, identify good practices and case studies from your industry, develop a specific action plan for your brand, or teach you how to implement effective online campaigns (Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok Ads). It all depends on you and your needs!
  • As part of the training, we will provide you with developed materials, as well as several hours of consultation so that you can discuss with our specialists any challenges that you will face in the weeks or months following the training.

We are committed to your success! That is why we are happy to prepare a training course dedicated to your business. We conduct workshops on, among other things:

  • remote work and development of communication within the team,
  • brand strategy and values,
  • communication trends,
  • digital marketing tools.

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