A consumer survey for a chain of boutique sports clubs

Rok współpracy: 2022

36 MINUT is more than 40 boutique sports clubs built as franchises. The network uses an innovative concept: an entire workout involving exercises for all muscle parts takes exactly 36 minutes. With the comprehensive support from specialists (physiotherapists and nutritionists) and modern technology, the brand enables its customers to maintain their health, fitness and well-being, in addition to creating close-knit communities whose members support each other in achieving their sporting goals.


  • Determination of the real reason behind resigning from exercising at 36 MINUT clubs and the factors that influence this decision.
  • Development of recommendations of issues and areas for change for the brand.

Solution proposal

  • We started our activities with a meeting with representatives of 36 MINUT, during which we discussed the needs of the brand and jointly set the goal of the survey.
  • In line with our objectives, we designed and carried out a survey comprising a quantitative part (in the form of online surveys) and a qualitative part (in the form of in-depth interviews).
  • We analysed the data obtained and presented it in the form of a presentation to discuss the results with the management board and managers of the individual clubs.


  • 45 Respondents

    Forty-five questionnaires were completed as part of the survey, the results of which allowed us to explore the reasons for resignation from the network’s services.

  • 14 interviews

    We conducted 14 in-depth interviews, allowing us to explore the most important issues from the perspective of the survey objective.


  • Report

    The survey resulted in a document containing not only an analysis of the data obtained and the insights of club members, but also practical tips and steps to take to keep those resigning in the network structure.

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