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Rok współpracy: 2020

For years, Aquanet has been making sure that the residents of Poznań and nearby municipalities never run out of clean water in their taps. The company’s area of expertise includes the treatment, purification and quality testing of this valuable resource.

With the well-being of its customers in mind, the company has so far conducted many social and educational campaigns.

The latest one came about because of the high bills the customers using automatic irrigation systems had to pay. What is the reason for it? Sometimes irrigation systems break down, and the sprinkler does not rise out of the ground. This causes the water from to the system to go into groundwater instead of watering the grass, thus generating high bills.

To prevent this, Aquanet wanted to encourage its customers to turn off the valves after the end of the season, and to control the operation of the sprinklers.


  • Creating an educational animation that draws attention to a common problem that arises when using automatic irrigation systems.

Solution proposal

  • Putting the client’s needs first, we came up with a concept for the campaign and a series of storyboards to help translate it into animation language.
  • We prepared a scenario and cast a voice artist.
  • We produced a 30-second animation thanks to which both the instruction manual and the main message were memorable.

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