Jupi Art School

Visual identity for a painting and drawing school for children

Rok współpracy: 2021

Jupi Art School is a brand that teaches artistic skills in a fun and exciting way, adapted to the needs of the youngest ones. The school was established to prove that every child is an artist. Jupi Art School teaches art techniques through play, develops young people’s sense of aesthetics, sensitivity and imagination and, above all, encourages them to think creatively and go beyond the borders in search of unconventional solutions.


  • Creating a logotype, claim and visual language for the emerging brand, which will not only emphasise its character and values but, above all, attract the attention of parents, teenagers and the youngest customers.

Solution proposal

  • We started working on branding with a series of strategic workshops, interviews with potential clients and with creating a brand strategy.
  • We have developed visual moodboards to present the strategic assumptions in a visual form, after their approval by the client.
  • We have created two branding proposals.
  • The inspiration for the visual identification of Jupi Art School was constructivism and a warm and expressive yet subdued colour scheme that encouraged to combine colours and shapes into countless combinations.
  • The key role in the identification is played by the multifunctional symbol in the logo. Due to its simplicity, it can be enriched with non-standard shapes.

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