An online shop that allows the caterers to make deliveries twice a week

Rok współpracy: 2020

Babette – pracownia zupy i chleba is a place that offers the highest quality fresh bread, baked on the spot, signature pickles, homemade soups, delicious bread pastes and original sweets to have in the premises or to take away.


  • The opening of the first store of the brand was planned for March 2020. Due to the lockdown (and the threat to others in the future), we advised the owner to change the original plans, which were to create (only) a website as a showcase of the restaurant, and design the own online store, which would allow the Babette team to make deliveries themselves (no commission for external suppliers).
  • The brand needed e-commerce, based on which the deliveries would only be made on selected days of the week.

Solution proposal

  • We have created e-commerce, based on which orders could be placed and deliveries could be arranged on specific days of the week.
  • Due to the changing menu in the restaurant, the owners and brand team were given access to a simple CMS where they can update information about products and delivery times.


  • Babette brand

    • Own e-commerce, which allows orders to be processed on selected days of the week.
    • Responsive website for mobile devices.
    • A website consistent with the visual identity, running on WordPress CMS.
    • Own e-commerce and the ability to sell the products from the restaurant online through own channels in the Tri-City area, while keeping up to date with delivery days and changing menus.

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