Media relations for the pioneer of the Polish electric mopeds

Rok współpracy: 2019 is a brand that introduced the first electric mopeds to the streets of Warsaw in 2017, therefore providing residents with an alternative to cars and public transport. The only thing needed to use the service is to download the intuitive app.  Ground-breaking idea!

It has been growing ever since and is now available in several dozen cities across Poland and abroad. On 1 May 2019 it also was launched in Bydgoszcz and we had the pleasure to support the event with extensive media relations activities, influencer marketing and online campaigns.


  • Organisation of events that will increase brand recognition among Bydgoszcz residents, including a press conference, an event in cooperation with a shopping mall and activities with micro-influencers.

Solution proposal

  • Media Relations: we supported both the logistical part of organising the event and overseeing the course of the event itself. We invited representatives of the media and local authorities. We prepared a press release that made sure the brand image had a proper representation in the mass media.
  • Event: in cooperation with Focus shopping mall in Bydgoszcz we organised a multi-days competition for the city residents.


  • The conference was a huge success!

    The event was attended by representatives of the main local media and representatives of the City Hall. Mirosław Kozłowicz (deputy mayor of Bydgoszcz) and Jakub Mikołajczak (city councillor) not only actively participated in the conference, but were also the first ones to try out the electric mopeds.

  • Moped presentation

    in front of the most popular shopping mall meant that the brand was showcased for several days in a popular urban space and also gained dozens of new users on the day the app was launched.

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