Communication strategy for an e-commerce brand in the bathroom sector -

Rok współpracy: 2022 is an innovative B2C online store for the home furnishing industry with a particular focus on the bathroom sector. The brand has a unique offering, including products from leading global manufacturers and well-known brands. 

The main differentiator of is its “finished bathrooms” service, where customers can buy an entire bathroom design (including all fixtures and fittings) with a single click of a button, with the main highlight being the option to buy an entire bathroom design directly through the website. has hundreds of ready-made arrangements, which area adapted by the brand’s designers to the room dimensions free of charge.


  • Creating a new distinctive brand in the bathroom sector that will lead the online shopping category for bathroom furnishings and, in the years to come, other rooms and accessories for the home.
  • Creating communication and brand values that address and respond to real customer needs and concerns and support the new solution of purchasing full bathroom fixtures and fittings based on ready-made inspirations.
  • Developing a unique language and ways of communicating the brand that will allow it to stand out, be positively perceived by customers and build its leadership position in the category.

Solution proposal

  • We analysed customer needs, the brand and its environment. The analysis included, among other things, qualitative research:  in-depth interviews with potential customers, quantitative research with representatives of target groups, interviews with brand developers, analysis of language and competitor communication channels, trend analysis.
  • We held a series of strategy workshops where we defined the main target groups, mission and brand differentiators with the brand team.
  • We created a brand strategy and communication strategy with an action plan and examples of its implementation in priority channels aligned to the brand.


  • brand UVP

    Brand UVP

    Through research and analysis, we have distinguished the UVP (Unique Value Proposition) for and created a core brand mission.

  • Brand strategy

    Brand strategy

    As a result of the analysis and workshops, we prepared a condensed document that includes the brand’s key values and differentiators, its positioning, defines its character (textually and visually) and its value proposition for target customers.


  • Action plan

    Action plan and communication strategy

    Based on the accepted brand strategy, we created a communication strategy with an action plan for 12 months, KPIs set for each of the channels selected during the strategic work, and guidelines for marketing and sales creations.

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