Animax Bedding - The year of cooperation

Performance campaigns for e-commerce and Social Ads

Rok współpracy: 2022

Animax Bedding litter was created in response to the needs of our fluffy pets (cats, rabbits and small rodents) and their conscious owners. Concerned for the health of pets and the condition of our planet, the brand produces wooden litter from carefully selected conifer sawdust. As a result, the litter are extremely absorbent and biodegradable, and can serve as natural fertiliser after use.


  • Catering for individual customers and building brand awareness and recognition.

Solution proposal

  • We took charge of Google Ads and Social Ads campaigns on Instagram and Facebook.
  • We created a media plan with recommended channels, tools and advertising budgets to increase conversions and sales.
  • We prepared new advertising content with graphic design and text.
  • We monitored and tested the campaigns to optimise their effectiveness.
  • We managed Animax Bedding’s social media profiles and focused on communicating differentiators and tips as well as on building relationships with animal lovers.


  • +1 227% order value

    After a year of advertising, the average daily order value has increased more than 13 times. Animax Bedding customers are buying more willingly and definitely more!

  • 15x higher ROAS

    A whopping 1 379% increase in ROAS of sales compared to all costs incurred. Thanks to our cooperation, Animax Bedding’s investment in advertising its brand has returned several times over.

  • 3,5x higher CTR

    We increased the click-through rate of the ads many times over, thanks to optimisations, well-chosen text and visual messages and actions carried out across multiple campaigns.

  • An engaged community

    Regular and effective measures (both within campaigns and on the social media of the brands we support) have built an engaged community, which is keen to exchange opinions, experiences and photos of their pets. As a result, we are constantly seeing an influx of new leads into the first 2 stages of the sales funnel, increasing brand recognition and boosting the number of customers.

Żwirek dla kota o zapachu zielonej herbaty i lawendy
Zbrylający żwirek dla kota - post Black Friday na facebooku
Animax bedding - przykładowe kreacje dla social mediów
Żwirek dla kota lawendowy i o zapachu zielonej herbaty
Animax bedding - przykładowe kreacje
Pellet hipoalergiczny dla królików i gryzoni, przykład kreacji na instagram stories

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