MBM Solar

Communication strategy and marketing plan for a photovoltaic company

Rok współpracy: 2020

MBM Solar is a brand that prioritises good energy – both renewable energy and in terms of its relationships with customers and suppliers. With photovoltaic installations, the company wants to make a real difference to the lives of its service recipients – providing the opportunity for investment in the future, financial stability and a healthier environment.


  • Build a strong brand image, introduce consistent communication and reach new customers and increase sales.

Solution proposal

  • We began our collaboration by conducting a series of in-depth interviews with MBM Solar’s key customers and holding two days of strategy workshops with its creators, during which together we discussed the brand’s values, personality and target groups.
  • We developed customer personas and pathways, brand DNA and recommendations to translate these into specific actions (starting from the website and social media to online campaigns and streamlined goal management systems).
  • We have also developed a new brand claim: “Przyszłość jest słoneczna” (“The future is sunny”).


  • Strategic document

    As a result of the work we carried out, the brand received a document containing an elaborate communication strategy, facilitating quicker key decision-making and guiding daily activities.

  • Marketing plan

    The activities were complemented with a marketing plan outlining steps to gradually implement the new visions into business reality.

  • Presentation for the brand team

    A presentation was also created to help the brand communicate within the team the changes associated with the new communication strategy.

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