Community Villa

Rebranding of a B2B company from the gaming industry

Rok współpracy: 2023

Community Villa is an agency which helps game developers communicate with the media and build and nurture communities around their new products. CV works with a broad range of developers, professional independent studios, AAA developers and major publishers, serving clients from all over the world and all continents.

Through strategic management of the gaming community, Community Villa fosters valuable interactions and creates spaces where players can interact with both developers and other enthusiasts.


  • Building comprehensive branding based on the existing logo to help the brand communicate consistently and coherently in the future.

Solution proposal

  • We held branding workshops to explore the values and key differentiators of the brand, as well as the areas in which branding was to be used.
  • We gave the existing logo a facelift and built on other branding elements used in social media, sales, website, business cards and more.
  • We developed a brandbook for the brand.
  • We used a striking contrasting colour scheme in brand identity, with navy blue as the base, providing a backdrop for neon shades of pink, green and blue. An important and distinctive part of the whole are the illustrations drawing on simple game graphics of the 1980s.

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