Communication of new products in a children's fashion brand

Rok współpracy: 2022

Coccodrillo is a children’s fashion brand known in Poland and around the world, offering high-quality and original products. Each collection is complete outfits for every occasion to make you feel special every day, not just once in a while! Coccodrillo is all about exceptional style with unique design, detail and quality of finish.

For the Coccodrillo brand, as part of design collaboration, we regularly prepare concepts and communication guidelines for new projects or moments in the season.


  • Developing a communication concept for new initiatives undertaken by the brand, such as a new product line, the launch of a new version of a loyalty programme or the spring/summer 2023 season.

Proposed solution

  • We have developed a creative concept for the launch of the new Coccodrillo Kids product line.
  • We have developed a communication concept for the launch of the new version of the loyalty programme.
  • We have developed a brand communication concept for the spring/summer 2023 season based on research and brand differentiators.


  • Ready-made slogans

    Each of the prepared communication concepts contained ready-made slogans in line with the brand concept and values, as well as campaign storytelling.

  • Moodboard

    Within the framework of the prepared concepts, we have created visual moodboards and suggestions for photo shoots, videos (with sample scenarios) and guidelines for animations and graphics.

  • Creative ideas

    Additional elements of each concept are guidelines for Visual Merchandising activities, suggestions for online and offline communication activities and a set of additional inspirations and possible image activities to be implemented both in the brand’s own channels and externally.

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