Customer Journey and restaurant communication project for several groups of customers

Rok współpracy: 2020

Fromażeria is the first restaurant with a cheese bar in Poland, which offers a wide selection of artisanal cheese, natural wine and alcohol and cheese-based restaurant dishes. The brand and the unique venue were created out of a love for cheese, wine and, above all, a celebration of life. Fromażeria’s offer includes a wide selection of artisanal cheese, natural wine and alcohol as well as cheese-based restaurant dishes. As MOX!E creative agency, we had the pleasure of creating the brand’s visual identity and communication strategy, as well as were responsible for the communication related to the venue’s opening for the initial three months.


  • How to design interior and service standards that reflect the brand’s mission?
  • How to design the restaurant’s communication covering all channels (online and offline)?
  • How to communicate a diverse offer (restaurant and cheese bar) to several types of audiences?

Solution proposal

  • We conducted two strategic workshops with brand creators, during which we worked on defining the customer groups targeted by the offer and created customer personas to represent these groups.
  • Based on the preferences of the defined groups of customers, the offer and possibilities of the restaurant with a cheese bar, we developed Customer Journey paths for six different groups of people, including a list of tasks to be performed by the company before, during and after the customer’s visit.
  • We prepared a strategy document containing a description of the brand’s essence, such as differentiators, visual moodboards and recommendations of actions, appropriate for each of the groups, to be performed by the team (for the purposes of staff training and creation of marketing messages).


  • We developed a brand communication language

    In the strategy document, we described values, differentiators and the language (verbal and visual) used by the brand.

  • We created six different target groups,

    which are taken into account in the communication and offer of the venue. For each group, we prepared representatives (personas), indicating their concerns, expectations and benefits they bring to the brand.

  • We developed a communication plan

    and recommendations for brand activities covering the promotion period relating to the venue’s opening (including communication before the launch and in the following months).

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