Heroes Diet

E-commerce of dietary catering to increase the conversion rate by 50%

Rok współpracy: 2020

Heroes Diet is a dietary catering service that operates in Warsaw and the surrounding areas. The brand has been on the market for several years and offers excellent quality meals, but it lacked some distinguishing features – also visual ones – compared to other catering companies. In view of the development plans of the company, we have started a business collaboration to create a new communication strategy and a consistent online and offline brand image.


  • How to increase e-commerce conversion rate related to current and potential customers?
  • How to increase store visibility and organic traffic in e-commerce?

Solution proposal

  • Development of a new communication strategy for the brand, including identification of brand differentiators and defining target groups.
  • Preparation of website and e-commerce design and graphic design in line with the new visual identity.
  • Preparation of text and the photo shoot for e-commerce.


  • 50% increase in conversion rate

    in the first month of publication of the new e-commerce.

  • 1,470% increase in e-commerce sessions

    year-on-year (in January, which is the most important month for the diet catering industry).

Heroes diet website before and after change
Strona Heroes Diet w wersji desktopowej i mobile

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