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Informational and promotional campaign on Instagram

Rok współpracy: 2023

Estrada Poznańska is a dynamic organisation that for years has been a source of inspiration with its creativity and innovative approach to the organisation of cultural and entertainment events in Poznań. The Estrada Poznańska team are passionate about creating unforgettable artistic events, concerts, performances and a variety of events involving the local community. Estrada Poznańska’s mission is to enrich the cultural life of the city through unique and surprising projects that attract and integrate both residents and visitors.


  • Using digital channels to build awareness among parents with children and to encourage participation in the “Inauguration of Poznań Family Days 2023” event organised in May at Plac Wolności in Poznań.

Solution proposal

  • Conducting an informational and promotional campaign on Instagram with the participation of engaging influencers targeting parents from Poznań with their communications.
  • After analysing possible directions and recommending the right brand-matched creators, we embarked on a collaboration with a parenting influencer, Julia C. @julietteinwonderland


  • 180000 reach

    Over 180,000 organic publication reach

    The total organic reach of posts, testimonials and reels published by the influencer on the Instagram platform was more than 180,000.

  • 14 publications

    14 materials published by the influencer on Instagram

    As part of the collaboration, pre-event materials were published on the social media platform in the form of posts, with ongoing coverage during the event and a summary in IG Reels. Their aim was to encourage parents with children to participate in the Inauguration of Poznań Family Days 2023 event and to take advantage of the other attractions organised as part of the two-week XI Poznań Family Days 2023.

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Author: Julia C. (IG: julietteinwonderland)

Author: Julia C. (IG: julietteinwonderland)

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