Estrada Poznańska

Publishing and promoting podcasts for the cultural institution

Rok współpracy: 2020

Estrada Poznańska is a cultural and entertainment institution that has been known in the Wielkopolska region (and beyond) for almost 70 years. The brand is the organiser of the Oscar-qualifying “Animator” International Animated Film Festival, the Poznań Night of Museums, the “Kids Upstairs” theatre series and many other events taking place in various districts of the city.

In March 2020, due to the outbreak of the pandemic and a reduction in most of the activities undertaken by the organisation, it decided to keep in touch with Poznań residents in a new way adapted to the changed reality – the production and distribution of cultural podcasts.


  • The development of streaming podcasts – a brand-new communication channel for Estrada Poznańska.

Solution proposal

  • We created profiles of seven podcasts that we regularly published on five different platforms (Spotify, YouTube, Podigee, Apple Podcast and SoundCloud).
  • These activities were complemented by properly targeted Social Ads campaigns, separate for each cycle.


  • 122 episodes

    In six months we published 122 episodes of the podcast.

  • A reach of 7.5 million

    In a period of 10 months, thanks to our Social Ads campaigns, Estrada Poznańska reached more than 7.5 million people with its new form of communication.

  • #zostańwdomu (#stayathome)

    The published podcasts have enabled the brand to find its feet in the new reality and for Poznanians to stay in touch with culture, despite their home isolation.

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