Rapid increase in brand recognition through collaboration with influencers and media

Rok współpracy: 2020

Fromażeria is the first restaurant with a cheese bar in Poland, which offers a wide selection of artisanal cheese, natural wine and alcohol and cheese-based restaurant dishes. The brand and the unique venue were created out of a love for cheese, wine and, above all, a celebration of life. Fromażeria’s offer includes a wide selection of artisanal cheese, natural wine and alcohol as well as cheese-based restaurant dishes.

As MOX!E creative agency, we had the pleasure of creating the brand’s visual identity, online communication strategy and were responsible for the communication on the opening of venue for the first 3 months.


  • Increase in brand recognition throughout the entire city of Poznań and exposure in nationwide media.

Solution proposal

  • Influencer marketing: we picked  influencers from several thematic categories that matched the nature of the venue and the target groups we had previously established. We then created the contact base. We designed the creative mailings and, using a dedicated newsletter, sent a message redirecting to a specially designed landing page through which influencers booked tables at the venue.
  • Media relations: we started off our media activities by carefully selecting industry portals and creating a dedicated database for the brand. We prepared press material with photos in appropriate formats for the media and contacted the selected editors.



    Since launching influencer marketing, Fromażeria has gained over 1,050 followers on Instagram in less than a month, which has translated into an instant increase in engagement on the brand’s profile.

  • + 100 Insta Stories

    The restaurant was visited by Poznań-based influencers, who, in total, published more than 100 accounts of their visit to the restaurant, which resulted in a significant increase in table bookings. You can see the effect of our efforts in the featured Insta Stories entitled “Guests” on Fromażeria profile.

  • The most interesting place according to

    Thanks to well-thought-out media relations activities, press information about the opening of the restaurant appeared on the most important, nationwide industry portals, including, and Fromażeria was also mentioned on portal in their list of the most interesting places worth visiting in Poznań.

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