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Influencer marketing to support university recruitment process

Rok współpracy: 2022

In spring 2022, we were tasked with running an influencer marketing campaign for a private institution of higher education in Poznan. Targeting communications to high school graduates at the time, the brand aimed to encourage them to choose a degree programme in line with their passions and talents, rather than social expectations. To this end, it developed, among other things, an online quiz to select a field of study according to the personal interests and skills of high school graduates.

Our task was to promote the fields of study for which recruitment was taking place. Because of the target group being teenagers, we relied on TikTok and influencer marketing.


  • Providing an outreach and branding campaign with influencers targeting high school graduates on the TikTok platform.

Solution proposal

  • We began our activities by thoroughly researching influencers and creating a database of recommended authors who fit in with both the campaign message and the brand personality.
  • We were in charge of contacting influencers, establishing terms of cooperation and negotiating.
  • We ensured that all the necessary paperwork was completed and contracts were signed.
  • We consulted on content prepared by influencers, supervised day-to-day publications and reported on publication results.


  • 9 publications

    During the first month of the campaign, nine influencers talked about the brand’s activities, targeting high school graduates with their communication.

  • 19 thousand e-mail addresses

    In total, after all influencer postings, within 24 hours of their publication, as many as 19,000 high school graduates completed the quiz and left their email address in the database.

  • 1 million views

    The content published by the influencers reached a total of more than one million organic views within the first week of its publication.

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