National Institute for Historic Preservation (NIKZ)

New product promotion strategy for the National Institute for Historic Preservation

Rok współpracy: 2023

The National Institute for Historic Preservation is a state cultural institution operating under the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Its aim is to promote a high standard of work carried out on historic sites and monuments, conduct archaeological and conservation research, popularise good practices and educate audiences on the history of conservation. It disseminates knowledge about Polish heritage through workshops and training for professionals, as well as through promotional events and social campaigns.


  • Creating demand for encounters with history and building the image of NIKZ as a modern institution through the promotion of 3 new products: the Encounters with History portal, the MonumentApp mobile application, and the new Encounters with History quarterly publication. 
  • Development of a communication concept for an effective marketing campaign to support the launch of the aforementioned products.

Solution proposal

  • We developed the main idea for a campaign dedicated to the three products created by NIKZ: ‘Encounters with History’ web portal, ‘Encounters with History’ quarterly magazine and ‘MonumentApp’ mobile application. We created the campaign’s main slogan and its storytelling.
  • We created the Key Visual for the campaign, adapting it to each of the three products.
  • We developed the concept, script and oversaw the production and post-production of four videos to promote the products.
  • We created new profiles for the magazine as well as the portal and app on Facebook and Instagram, which we integrated into one centralised Meta business account.
  • We were responsible for graphic and text development and for publishing the first materials on social media.

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