New product branding

Rok współpracy: 2021

Dobosz is a Polish company that has been producing high quality confectionery since 1993, exporting it to European Union countries, as well as to the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan, among others. Today Dobosz stands for more than 30 types of delicious sweets based on carefully developed recipes and made from ingredients of the highest quality – without artificial preservatives and colourings, produced in accordance with the BRC and HACCP systems. 


  • Creating a packaging design and slogan for a new type of product: mango-flavoured ptasie mleczko.

Solution proposal

  • We designed 2 Key Visuals for the new product line and several slogan proposals for the Dobosz brand. 
  • We created the slogan “Zasmakuj tropików” (Taste the tropics) and the energetic designs for several types of packaging.
  • After choosing a specific direction, we designed the final packaging for: candies, ptasie mleczko in 3 packaging sizes.
  • We consulted the final designs with the product, production and print departments working with the brand and developed the production files. 

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