PESTO restaurant

How to turn cheap fast food into an elegant restaurant?

Rok współpracy: 2018

PESTO restaurant located in Luboń serves Italian cuisine, and its menu is based only on fresh ingredients, combining simplicity with the best flavours. In 2017, the owners opted for a complete rebranding combined with a change of business model, transforming their business from a small bistro selling takeaway portions of pasta into an elegant restaurant serving breakfast and pizzas, as well as offering a wide selection of wine.


  • How to change the image of a restaurant that previously sold simple and cheap take-away meals?
  • How to adapt the existing architectural design to the target groups the brand wants to attract?
  • How to translate the new image of the restaurant into more sites operating as bistros with a take-away offer?

Solution proposal

As part of our workshops for the owners and teams creating the brand, we created a new communication strategy, including:

  • a new brand language and visual moodboard,
  • new target groups for which the communication is created (in Luboń, Poznań and selected surrounding locations),
  • guidelines and presentations for all the people involved in the brand’s creation – from architects, managers recruiting the team, to staff, graphic designers and photographers,
  • guidelines regarding the new website (more information here),
  • a social media communication plan for the initial three months of operation.


  • Thanks to the new communication strategy

    and close cooperation between our team and the architectural office, we managed to introduce minor changes to the restaurant’s interior.

  • The number of reservations

    in the first four weeks of operation after the rebranding exceeded our sales targets by 50%.

  • PESTO is the most frequently visited

    and very highly rated restaurant in Luboń (both by the residents of Poznań and nearby towns).

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