How to plan the expansion of diet catering in Poland?

Rok współpracy: 2015

Body Chief is the leader of diet catering in Poland. In 2015, after the successful launch of a new brand in Poznań, the company decided to expand its business activity to 12 new cities across the country.


  • How to prepare a local brand for nationwide expansion?
  • How to attract new customers?
  • Which tools to use for internal communication in the expanding company structures?

Proposed solutions

  • Together with the brand’s team, we developed a new communication strategy taking into account the expansion plans.
  • We created a slogan “Body Chief – Not a diet. Lifestyle”, enabling the company to maintain consistent communication across all channels including future new products and services.
  • Photo production – image photo shoot with the first nationwide brand ambassador – Omena Mensah.
  • Photo production – product photo shoot for the new website and online campaign.
  • Online campaigns: we developed a strategy and launched Facebook Ads campaigns aiming to build brand awareness and increase conversion rates and sales (online and by phone).
  • We prepared an online platform for regional managers featuring materials on brand communication principles.
  • We conducted presentations of the new brand communication strategy at the management meetings, communication workshops for managers and for all employees (using a different approach in the case of each group).


  • The sales targets

    covering the first 6 months were achieved within 6 weeks of launching the expansion to new cities.

  • The online campaign

    reached over 4,000,000 potential customers in 12 cities in Poland within 3 months.

  • We achieved

    a 368% increase in web traffic on social media channels in the first 3 months of the campaign.

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