Pomocna Mama

Rebranding and strategy update for Pomocna Mama Foundation from Poznań

Rok współpracy: 2023

Pomocna Mama Foundation aims to become an additional, supportive member of families facing difficulties. It supports single mothers and fathers, as well as whole families in financial difficulties, as well as parents and grandparents raising children with disabilities. It organises financial and in-kind collections, creates educational programmes for parents and educators, and runs therapeutic programmes and individual therapies for children. It also organises special campaigns and events that help bring together people who want to change the world for the better, even just on a micro scale.


  • Creation of a new logo and an entire visual identity system to enable consistent communication for the foundation across different channels.

Solution proposal

  • We held a workshop to identify the foundation’s core values and target groups.
  • We developed the brand concept, taking into account, among others, its personality, brand story, main slogan, two visual moodboard proposals, specific target groups with defined needs.
  • We created a list of recommended actions, including the website, social media communication and external campaigns and collaborations.
  • We developed the brand identity – logo, illustrations for use on various media, colour scheme, typography and brandbook.

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