New brand strategy in the energy sector

Rok współpracy: 2022

The TAURON Group supplies over 51 TWh of electricity a year to over 5.6 million end users, making it the largest electricity distributor in Poland. The TAURON Group is also the second largest producer and seller of energy in the country, as well as the largest supplier of heat in the Upper Silesia region.


  • Following the publication of the new TAURON Group Strategy for 2022-2030 with an outlook to 2050, the TAURON brand needed a new communication strategy that would be consistent with the group’s plans, while also responding to current social changes and customer expectations.

Solution proposal

  • External environment analysis (communication of foreign and Polish brands in the energy sector).
  • Internal analysis of the TAURON brand including: in-depth interviews with managers representing key departments, brand communication audit.
  • Positioning and verification of the TAURON brand archetype: preparation and moderation of 2 workshop meetings (including one with more than 50 representatives of communication departments from different Tauron Group companies).


  • Positioning record

    We have developed the final positioning record, a presentation presenting the updated archetype, values and mission of the TAURON brand.

  • Team involvement

    More than 50 managers and specialists representing various TAURON Group companies participated in the process of creating the new TAURON brand positioning and became natural ambassadors of the new strategy.

  • Strategy in practice

    TAURON’s brand positioning has been expanded and supplemented with recommendations for measures to be developed in order to make the brand’s values and mission even more visible in communication (both internal and external).

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