Zamek Culture Centre

Promotional spot for exhibitions at the culture centre

Rok współpracy: 2023

ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań is one of Poland’s most important cultural institutions. Every year, it hosts as many as 2,500 diverse events – from concerts, to film screenings, to exhibitions – with the aim to showcase and stimulate the development of the most interesting cultural phenomena.


  • Concept creation and production of a promotional spot for “Nie to niebo” (Not this Sky) exhibition.

Solution proposal

  • We created 2 concepts as well as visual guidelines and sketches of scenarios to be selected by CK Zamek.
  • We developed the final script for the spot and handled the production (at several locations) and post-production of the material.
  • We created a 2-minute spot to promote the “Nie to niebo” exhibition, in which we showed that the cosmos is closer than it seems – an asteroid has been discovered in Poznań, a meteorite has been found here, the first prints by Copernicus are stored here, and it is here that microworlds are explored and space rockets are built. We wanted to shed light on the exhibits of the forthcoming exhibition and provide a dose of knowledge shared by professors and specialists, encouraging people to visit the exhibition.


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