Engaging Social Media for a fashion brand that support e-commerce conversion

Rok współpracy: 2019

QUIOSQUE is a Polish clothing brand created with mature women in mind. The brand communication strategy that we have been pursuing together for several years is reflected in the slogan “We are different, we are beautiful”.


  • In early 2019, despite having a large (over 90,000 people) Facebook community, the brand used to run Social Media merely for image purposes and did virtually nothing for e-commerce conversion.

Solution proposal

  • We conducted a test and, in connection with a long-term cooperation, we offered to take over the management of the brand’s social media and create content for them:
    – changes in communicating with fans,
    – different type of product showcasing,
    – implementing different e-commerce linking process.


  • 84% increase in traffic

    on e-commerce platform from Facebook (with reduced advertising budget) year on year.

  • Monthly average 41% increase

    fan engagement on Facebook (year-on-year).

  • Average campaign CTR of 9.93%

    in terms of engagement (after 3 months of CTR activities it reached over 11%).

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