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How can a fashion brand encourage women to have prophylactic exams?

Rok współpracy: 2019


  • With annual “Take care of yourself” (Zadbaj o siebie) initiative organised in October (the month of the fight against breast cancer), together with the QUIOSQUE fashion brand we wanted to encourage as many women as possible to sign up for prophylactic examinations and self-examinations.

Solution proposal

QUIOSQUE brand in the framework of the campaign “Take care of yourself. Fashionable, beautiful and healthy” supports the “Amazonki” Association Warsaw Centre. For the promotional film, the concept and script of which were our responsibility, we invited 3 fantastic women from the Association who have managed to win the battle with the disease, to talk about their experience together with their loved ones.

  • For this campaign, we created 1 main promotional video and 3 individual videos that expand on each of these touching stories.
  • We launched a YouTube Ads campaign that allowed us to target the video appropriately and reach as many women as possible with the message about prophylactic screenings.


  • 190,000 views on YouTube

    Main promotional film of the “Take care of yourself. Fashionable, beautiful and healthy” campaign hit over 190,000 views in the first two weeks after posting it.

  • PRCH Retail Awards

    The QUIOSQUE brand and its activities were appreciated and awarded in the competition organised once a year by the Polish Council of Shopping Centres for the retail sector.

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