100% Retail&Fashion

Rebranding for a professional conference

Rok współpracy: 2018

100% Ratail&Fashion is the largest conference bringing together the leaders of Polish clothing, footwear and lingerie brands. It is also a platform for discussing trends and sharing tools, knowledge and case studies on fashion business management.


  • In 2018, we were tasked with updating the image of the conference, with the previous visual identity becoming outdated and evoking ideas closer to sporting events than fashion.

Solution proposal

  • Based on the updated brand strategy, we created its new visual language.
  • The logo, together with the visual communication concept, alluded to fashion collages, which made it possible to showcase in year-round communication the brands cooperating with the conference.
  • The process of change was taken further by preparing a new intuitive website for the event and refreshing the formula of the content published on social media and mailed as newsletters.


  • 2x more sessions

    With the changes that we have made, the number of visits to the conference website has increased by 108%.

  • A 20% increase in NPS score

    At the same time, an increase in ratings of customer loyalty to the brand was recorded.

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