Pasta Italia

Visual identity for a catering brand

Rok współpracy: 2021

Pasta Italia is a catering concept located in food courts in shopping centres, e.g. in Galeria Posnania. The offer includes more than a dozen types of pasta, salads and desserts prepared on the spot, in a few minutes.

The brand focuses on quality: it imports Italian pasta, uses Italian cheese, Parma ham, fresh salmon fillets, grey prawns, wholemeal pasta and prepares the sauces according to Italian recipes.


  • The brand needed a new version of the logotype, which could be used in various fields of exploitation and would also allow the registration of the word mark.
  • Creation of a visual language for the brand: colours and their combination, types of fonts, graphic elements, style of photos and videos, a catchy slogan to present the concept of the fast-food restaurant in a coherent way.


  • For Pasta Italia

    we have developed a new version of the logotype and the entire visual identity, which is based on a combination of dynamic images, elegant black colour, energetic fonts and illustrations designed especially for the brand that emphasise various items on the menu. We have prepared a photo shoot to present the fixed and seasonal menu.

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