Soup Culture

Social Ads campaign that promoted the opening of a vegan brand in 4 weeks

Rok współpracy: 2018

Soup Culture is an international catering concept that combines innovation with attention to nature in its operations. The brand promotes plant-based cooking and the less waste philosophy in several cities in Poland.

Delicious, vegan and vegetarian soups are made on site with local cheeses, fruits and vegetables and served in crisp, edible cups so that you can enjoy the unusual flavours without the need for plastic packaging.


  • Promoting the opening of Soup Culture’s new premises in Poznań, for which we had four weeks to promote it online.

Solution proposal

  • In order to promote a previously unknown brand in the capital of the wielkopolska region, we relied on intensified activities within the Social Ads campaign. Instead of addressing all food enthusiasts in the area in the adverts, we targeted the messages at those who cherish the brand’s core values – vegans, vegetarians and enthusiasts of the less waste philosophy.
  • During this time, we also took care of the day-to-day running of the profiles of the emerging location: developing the concept, texts and graphics of the posts published, as well as moderating comments and private messages.
  • In addition, we created an event on Facebook dedicated to the opening of the premises in Poznań’s Jeżyce district.


  • 3900 people

    The event we created attracted almost 4,000 people interested in the opening of this new vegetarian location.

  • 89%

    Within a month, we had reached almost 90% of potential customers, i.e. people following a vegetarian and vegan diet in the area, with announcements about the opening.

  • 250 receipts

    During the first eight hours after the new premises opened, as many as 250 receipts were recorded, 150% more than at the brand’s other premises during the first days of opening.

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