How to use social media to promote renovation and refurbishment services?

Rok współpracy: 2022

LafHome is a brand offering complete turnkey arrangements: for private apartments, rental properties as well as large business spaces. Through daily contact with customers and completed projects, LafHome is changing the standards of the construction industry and proving that renovations do not have to involve chaos and uncertainty. The brand is part of the Lafrentz Polska Group, which has been providing comprehensive construction and infrastructure services for more than 28 years.


  • Supporting the sales of finishing service packages through social media campaigns.
  • Increasing recognition and building brand awareness as an expert leading the way in turnkey arrangements.
  • Expanding the network of business partners.

Solution proposal

  • We started our collaboration by creating a brand and communication strategy.
  • We took care of all social media-related activities: from conception, preparation of texts, graphics and videos, image content for partners, to moderation of comments and private messages.
  • In the published materials, we focused on communicating renovation and finishing tips, trends and inspiration.
  • We supported organic activities by running and optimising ad campaigns in Meta Ads.


  • +10x greater reach

    +10x greater reach

    We increased Instagram reach more than 10-fold in six months of running activities in line with the new communication strategy.

  • Knowledge base

    Knowledge base

    We created a solid source of inspiration and information on unconventional investment projects and home renovations or finishing works.

  • Growing community

    Growing community

    The materials published on Facebook reached an average of 30,000 people per month.

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