A SoMe communication tactic supporting workshop sales

Rok współpracy: 2022

Varsztatovnia is the largest non-profit workshop incubator providing online and on-site classes – in cities across Poland. The brand works to make art more accessible by bringing together budding artists, enthusiasts and independent creators, and by building an inclusive community based on freedom and tolerance.



  • Development of a creative concept and social media action plan that will increase engagement and reduce conversion cost.
  • Increased recognition of the Varsztatovnia brand, which will increase workshop sales.

Solution proposal

  • We started our collaboration with an analysis of the brand’s current activities on Social Media and an audit of the Social Ads campaign.
  • We held a strategy workshop with the creators of Varsztatovnia, where we worked on identifying the brand’s distinguishing features, target groups and their purchase paths.
  • Based on the information gathered, we drew up a Social Media Tactics document with recommendations to effectively translate the brand’s new plans into its online communication.


  • Brand DNA

    In the strategy document, we described the brand story, values and distinguishing features of Varsztatovnia helping the team co-creating the brand to keep the communication consistent.

  • 4 personas

    We described 4 key target groups with personas, enabling effective targeting of ongoing activities.

  • 5A

    We also developed purchase paths, allowing the brand to precisely address the needs of customers at different stages of the sales funnel.

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