How to make sports franchise communications on SM more consistent?

Rok współpracy: 2022

36 MINUT is more than 40 boutique sports clubs built as franchises. The network uses an innovative concept: an entire workout involving exercises for all muscle parts takes exactly 36 minutes. With the comprehensive support from specialists (physiotherapists and nutritionists) and modern technology, the brand enables its customers to maintain their health, fitness and well-being, in addition to creating close-knit communities whose members support each other in achieving their sporting goals.


  • Integration of individual club fanpages into a single network to create a consistent image for the franchise on social media.
  • Support of the pass sales process through social media activities.

Solution proposal

  • We began our collaboration by creating a communication tactic for the brand’s SM.
  • We recommended the creation of a coherent profile structure on Facebook, which combined almost 40 fanpages of currently operating clubs.
  • We created a quarterly communication plan, collecting all the planned publication topics, allowing us to invite specialists from the individual 36 MINUT clubs to contribute to the content.
  • We handled the preparation, publication and promotion of content on Facebook and Instagram platforms using social ads campaigns, as well as the moderation of activities appearing on the profile.


  • 1 profile

    We created a single, main brand fanpage on Facebook, which enabled the automatic publication of posts on the profiles of individual clubs.

  • More than 100% increase

    In 3 months of activities compliant with the new communication strategy in Social Media, the brand recorded:
    +84% increase in the number of followers,
    +65% increase in responses,
    +150% increase in comments.

  • +562% follow

    In the year-on-year analysis, the brand saw significant increases in organic activity, both in terms of the number of followers: +562% followers on Instagram, +269% likes on Facebook, and content reach:
    +1 200% on Facebook,
    +14 700% on Instagram.

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