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Plan and concept for communicating the new strategy within the organisation and building team engagement

Rok współpracy: 2022

The Solano Group is a nationwide group of companies that has been active on the Polish market for over 27 years. The main objective is to support Polish manufacturing companies. The Group has a wide network of international contacts, giving it access to employees from all corners of the world. This means that it is able to build competent teams and deliver top-quality services.

The company’s offerings include the implementation of production processes, recruitment, training and personnel management consultancy, as well as HR and tax services. The Solano Group responds to the dynamically changing labour market in Europe by supporting Polish production and creating jobs for foreign workers.


  • Development and preparation of a communication concept for the new strategy in the organisation.
  • Building commitment around the objectives formulated in the strategy during the annual all-staff meeting.

Solution proposal

  • On the basis of the developed values, mission differentiators and brand vision, we created a Key Visual, through which we achieved consistency of communication across all brand touchpoints.
  • We developed creative concepts for communicating the strategy within the organisation, consisting of ideas and recommendations for employee engagement at two stages: before the annual conference where the brand strategy will be presented, and during the conference.


  • key visual

    Key Visual

    We presented the Key Visual through selected media, e.g.: poster, newsletter, social media post (tailored to selected platforms), flyer.

  • strategy presentations

    Internal strategy presentations to management and other departments

    A presentation that synthesises the development strategy, using the Key Visual developed for the Management and a presentation for the Commercial Department that contains the essence of the strategy: vision, mission, benefits of working with the Solano Group.

  • Creative concept

    Creative concept for strategy presentation at the conference

    A presentation describing the chosen concept of activities, including: newsletters with an invitation to the conference, suggestions for gifts for participants related to the new strategy, a team task to help understand the strategy, a newsletter summarising the conference and a thank-you note with an invitation to continue working together in teams.

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