Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny

Google Ads in the search and display network for art auctions

Rok współpracy: 2021

Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny is one of the largest and longest established art dealers in Poland. Every year it organises several dozen auctions and exhibitions, creating a space for enthusiasts of painting and unique art. Ever since it was established, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny has been systematically increasing the area of its activity, currently providing services in the Tri-City, Warsaw and Bydgoszcz.


  • Building brand awareness online.
  • Gaining quality traffic on the website.

Solution proposal

To reach people interested in buying or selling artworks with our messages, we launch Google Ads campaigns in the display and search network.

  • We conduct our activities in two ways. At the same time as carrying out ongoing brand promotion, we share content concerning cyclical themed auctions.
  • By dividing keywords into groups with a common denominator, we are able to accurately monitor the quality of traffic from individual channels. As a result, we can make immediate and targeted changes that quickly have the desired effect.
  • As an additional support, we implemented banner remarketing, informing users that have already visited the website about current auctions.


  • ⅓ of the total traffic

    is achieved thanks to the Google Ads campaigns we run.

  • We increased

    the number of clicks by 63%, raised the CTR by 13% and lowered the CPC by 42% without changing the budget and while maintaining quality parameters.

  • In the 6 months

    following the campaign launch, organic traffic increased by 37% and direct traffic by 27%.

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