The Lublin City Hall

Social Ads campaign promoting tourist activity of the city

Rok współpracy: 2018

The Lublin City Hall has decided to launch a programme entitled “Guide of Inspiration”, which aims to gather city guides and present the tourist potential of the city of Lublin. However, every new initiative needs proper marketing to have the desired effect. As part of the “Discover the mysteries of Lublin” campaign, which we had the pleasure to create, we proposed actions in the field of Social Ads: Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, as well as Influencer marketing.


  • Build awareness regarding the Guide of Inspiration programme among potential tourists to the city.
  • Increase awareness regarding tourist offer in Lublin and encourage the purchase of walks offered by the Guides of Inspiration as part of the Programme.
  • Building Lublin’s image as an inspiring and attractive city for tourists.

Solution proposal

  • We have developed a concept for an image campaign to promote the Guide of Inspiration by announcing selected tourist routes.
  • We created dedicated graphics and intriguing ads, as well as a Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaign strategy. Advertising campaigns were properly targeted and optimised for the relevant groups in Lublin and Poland.


  • Within 3 months

    of running the online campaign, the Instagram and Facebook ads outreach among the defined target groups was 1,600,000 people.

  • As much as 88%

    of the Guide of Inspiration website traffic was generated by Facebook Ads.

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