Brand and communication strategy for a new restaurant brand in Poznań

Rok współpracy: 2022

TU.REStAURANT in Poznań is a renowned restaurant highly regarded by both the local community and visitors to the city. This unique place was created and organised by the male part of the Fiedor family – Karol, Adam, Maksymilian and Gustaw. The project is led by Karol, who is also an experienced architect, a member of the IARP and SARP, running the CDF Architekci design office. 

Known for its top food quality and elegant interior design, TU.REStAURANT is a popular destination for lovers of fine dining and unique culinary experiences. It received the Bib Gourmand award from Michelin Guide in 2023.


  • Establishing branding and naming guidelines for a new restaurant brand in Poznań.
  • Developing a brand and communication strategy and a plan and concept for the promotion of the restaurant brand to ensure further development.

Solution proposal

  • We held two workshop meetings, attended by members of the interdisciplinary team: investors, owners, restaurant managers, chef and marketing team, dedicated to the main strategic directions of the brand’s development.
  • We analysed current social trends with potential impact on the brand and identified target groups and their needs.
  • We created the final brand and communication strategy.


  • Brand strategy

    Brand strategy

    We created a brand strategy in which, among others, we defined the brand values, the main personas and their needs, created the brand story, slogan, visual moodboards, brand boundaries, language and points of contact along the communication path with guests.

  • communication strategy

    Communication strategy

    We created a communication strategy and defined priority communication channels and proposed communication activities before and just after the opening. The document took into account the needs of communication both externally, aimed at guests and partners, and internally, supporting colleagues and the team.

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